my 5 year old theologian

My five-year-old son is a much better theologian than me.  While I often assume he’s not paying attention to the Bible stories we read, sometimes he surprises me with his insight.  On a recent sweltering day, we walked down our porch steps to find a desiccated worm on the sidewalk.  He asked what had happened, and I explained that the worm had died because worms need a cool, moist environment like the soil.  He gently picked it up and put it in the grass, explaining, “When God makes it rain again, it will come back to life.”  As I tried to carefully explain how things that die don’t come back to life, he cut me off quickly, saying, “But God did.  Don’t you remember that story in the Bible?”

Just 7 weeks from Easter, and I’ve already forgotten the resurrection!  May the celebration of Pentecost today and the remembrance of God bestowing the Holy Spirit on Jesus’ disciples revive our souls and spirits.  May we remember that death is not the end, and that with Christ, we all have hope for new (and renewed) lives.  Just as the rains restored my faltering strawberry plants, the Spirit renews, refreshes, and sustains us for the journey ahead.  May you find comfort, guidance, and a renewed passion today.


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